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Stylish & Luxurious

You don't have to worry about summer heat when you invest in swimming containers! We specialize in container pools here at Aquatic Creations of Ohio, and container pools are perfect for your backyard or front patio! Not only are they stylish but have many customizable features.

Order your shipping container pool with us!

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Benefits of Modpools Pools

Container Pools offer many benefits when it comes to having a backyard escape for your summertime needs: luxury design elements combined with environmental friendliness make them popular choices among homeowners who want something different from the traditional pools seen in every backyard.

So if you're looking for something outside of the norm for this summer, container swimming pools are a great choice!

Re-purpose - Eco Friendly


Stylish & Luxurious


Quick & Easy Installation

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Commonly Asked Questions About Shipping Container Swimming Pools

If you're curious about shipping container swimming pools, we've got some answers for you! Below are some of our most commonly asked questions about container pools. If you have further questions, please head over to our contact page and we'll get back to you!

Can shipping containers be used as pools?​

Yes! Shipping containers are perfect for turning into a creative luxurious alternative pool. They are eco-friendly and are easy to set up in your backyard. 

What are container pools lined with?

Shipping container pools are lined with a fiber glass coating. This is a very durable and thick coating that out performs the vinyl liner used in your typical above ground pools. The fiber glass coating is anti-rust and can keep the pool in good condition for years. 


How long does a shipping container pool last?

Because of the durability of the shipping containers and their fiber glass coating, they can easily last you 25+ years! 


How much does it cost to put in a shipping container pool?

The cost of shipping container pools can vary depending on a couple of factors. If you would like a quote to see how much it would cost to put a container pool in your backyard here in central Ohio, contact us today!

happy woman sitting in her container pool

Central Ohio's Number One Container Pool Provider and Contractor

Ready to jump into your new pool? We are your number one container pool provider in central Ohio. Contact us today to get a quote and we'll get you setup with a new luxurious pool in your backyard!

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