Retractable Enclosures

Pools, Spas, & Patios

What's more better than lounging poolside all day? Enjoying your pool and outdoor paradise all year long. You can enjoy your beautiful outdoor pool, spa, and patio year-round with a retractable enclosure. No matter the season or weather, you can take advantage of your outdoor living space!

Pool Enclosures

pool enclosure

Spa Enclosures

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  Patio Enclosures

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outdoor retractable enclosure for a pool

Retractable Enclosures

ohio pool enclosure for pool with snow around it

• Protection against harmful UV rays

• Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate for a longer lifespan

• Keeps dirt, leaves, snow, and debris out of your enclosure

• High solar efficiency

• A flexible alternative to traditional construction

• Comfortable and easy handling

• Retains the heat created by sunshine and increases coziness on the inside

• Prolonged use plus extra storage and space 

• Restricts access from children or animals

• Expands the useable area of your home

luxury retractable pool enclosure

Custom Enclosures Built For
Luxury & Ease


Bring the latest design, construction, ease, and safety to your backyard oasis. 

commercial pool enclosure

Why Use Retractable
Pool Enclosures

Why have a retractable enclosure built around your pool? You can enjoy your outdoor space all year round no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at us. Along with many other benefits!

Laguna style retractable pool enclosure

• Extend your season and swim all year round

• Open air swimming with an enclosure is retractable

• Save time on maintenance - which means more time for pleasure

• Protection against harmful UV radiation

• Built to last with aluminum framework and polycarbonate

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