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Retractable Enclosures

Pools, Spas, & Patios

What's better than lounging poolside all day? Enjoying your pool and outdoor paradise all year long (Yes, even during winter). You can enjoy your beautiful outdoor pool, spa, and patio year-round with a retractable enclosure. No matter the season or weather, you can take advantage of your outdoor living space!

Pool Enclosures

pool enclosure

Spa Enclosures

spa enclosure

  Patio Enclosures

patio enclosure
outdoor retractable enclosure for a pool

Retractable Enclosures

ohio pool enclosure for pool with snow around it

• Protection against harmful UV rays

• Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate for a longer lifespan

• Keeps dirt, leaves, snow, and debris out of your enclosure

• High solar efficiency

• A flexible alternative to traditional construction

• Comfortable and easy handling

• Retains the heat created by sunshine and increases coziness on the inside

• Prolonged use plus extra storage and space 

• Restricts access from children or animals

• Expands the useable area of your home

luxury retractable pool enclosure

Custom Enclosures Built For
Luxury & Ease

Bring the latest design, construction, ease, and safety to your backyard oasis. 

Financing Pag Top

Why Use Retractable
Pool Enclosures

Why have a retractable enclosure built around your pool? You can enjoy your outdoor space all year round no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at us. Along with many other benefits!

Laguna style retractable pool enclosure

• Extend your season and swim all year round

• Open air swimming with an enclosure is retractable

• Save time on maintenance - which means more time for pleasure

• Protection against harmful UV radiation

• Built to last with aluminum framework and polycarbonate

commercial pool enclosure

Pool Enclosures
We Offer

We're proud to be offering four different options for residents around the Columbus, Ohio area. Standard Spa enclosures, Standard Universe enclosures, Laguna enclosures, and Swim Spa enclosures. All of which come in different sizes, options, colors, prices, and much more.

Standard Spa Enclosures

Our standard retractable spa enclosures feature the latest design along with optimal safety right in your backyard and for an affordable price. Our standard styles include everything you need for a perfect enclosure around your spa.

Standard Spa Enclosure

Sizes & Options

Spa Dome ORL 4000
Height 7'6 Diameter 13'6
Spa Dome ORL 5000
Height 8'10 Diameter 16'5
(Wind 130mph, Snow 60psf)

Spa Sunhouse
13’6”w x 20’2”l x 7’6”h
(Wind 150mph, Snow 70psf)

Spa Grand Sunhouse
16’5”w x 26’ 3”l x 8’10”h
Oasis Small
13’6”w x 13’2”l x 7’6”h
(Wind 150mph, snow 70psf)

Oasis Large
16’5” w x 18’ 1” l x 8’10”h
(Wind 110mph, snow 60psf)


$19,800 - $40,200

Standard Universe Enclosures

Our Standard Universe pool enclosure come in six standard sizes.  These are popular as they carry a high wind and snow load. Making them perfect for Ohio weather. They can be used in many different scenarios for your pool and spa in the backyard. 

Standard Universe Enclosures

Sizes & Options

Universe TYPE I 
17’2”w x 35’0”l x 6’7”
Universe TYPE II 
18’8”w x 41’8”l x 6’7”h
Universe TYPE III
20’6”w x 41’8”l x 7’3”h
Universe TYPE IV 
20’6”w x 48’8”l x 7’6”h
Universe TYPE V 
22’2”w x 41’8”l x 7’6”h
Universe TYPE VI
22’2”w x 48’8”l x 7’6”h

All Universe Type enclosures feature:

(Wind 150mph, snow 70psf)

10mm $33,480- $52,680
4mm $37,080- $61,800

Standard Laguna Enclosures

We're proud to be offering Ohio residents Laguna enclosure options. The Laguna enclosures are more spacious which make them perfect for a backyard paradise. They also come in an elegant design that transforms your outdoor swimming pool into a beautiful indoor oasis. 

Standard Laguna Enclosure

Sizes & Options

Laguna TYPE I 
17’2”w x 35’0”l x 7’6”h
Wind 130mph, snow 50psf

Laguna TYPE II 
18’8”w x 41’8”l x 7’6”h
Wind 120mph, snow 40psf

20’6”w x 41’8”l x 7’6”h
Wind 110mph, snow 35psf

Laguna TYPE IV 
20’6”w x 48’8”l x 7’6”h
Wind 110mph, snow 30psf

Laguna TYPE V 
22’2”w x 41’8”l x 7’6”h
Wind 110mph, snow 25psf

Laguna TYPE VI
22’2”w x 48’8”l x 7’6”h
Wind 100mph, snow 25sf

10mm $35,880- $59,880

4mm $40,680- $68,400

Swim Spa Enclosures

Lastly, but certainly not least, we offer swim spa enclosures. These enclosures are large enough to accommodate your swimming pool, a swim-spa or even an exercise pool. We offer a fantastic selection all with premium options built with your pool in mind. 

Swim Spa Enclosures

Sizes & Options

Laguna TYPE I 
20’10”l x 13’1”w x 7’7”h
Wind 140mph, snow 70psf

Laguna TYPE II 
20’10”l x 14’8”w x 7’7”h
Wind 140mph, snow 70psf

Oceanic High TYPE I
20’10”l x 13’1”w x 7’4”h
Wind 110mph, snow 40psf

Oceanic High TYPE II 
20’10”l x 14’8”w x 7’7”h
Wind 110mph, snow 40ps

Universe TYPE I
17’0”l x 9’8”w x 3’6”h
Wind 150mph, snow 70psf

$27,480- $34,680

Your Number One Contractor For Enclosures in Columbus, Ohio

Ready for us to install an enclosure for your backyard paradise? We're your first choice in Columbus, Ohio. Get in touch with us today to get a quote and we'll install a new enclosure for your luxurious backyard oasis!

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